Supply of Furniture

Tender No. : IKM/TP/FUR/ 2012-13/3
Item : Office furniture
Cost of Tender Document : Rs. 400/- + VAT
Estimate (Approx) : 2 lakhs

Date to Remember

Last date of Sale of Tender form : 12/10/2012, 4PM
Last date of Receipt of tender form :

till 29/10/2012, 4PM

 Annexure – 1

Specification of Office Furniture





Counter table (Office) Size 260x60x75 cm, made by 18 mm pre laminated board as per IKM standard.


2 Monitor stand made by 18mm,pre laminated board as per IKM Standard 1Nos
3 Printer table  Size 90x90x75  cm, with two separate compartments for keeping CPU and two drawers, two cupboards shelf made 18 mm Pre laminated board    1Nos
4 Complaint box size 60x45x40 cm hard wood reapers and prelaminated board 18mm of approved colour with laquer finish as per IKM  standard    1Nos
5 Dust bin size  45x30x30cm as per IKM standard      1Nos 
6 Server Table 120x75x75 cm with one keyboard tray, open space for CPU. 1Nos 
7 Printer table for Server Machine  80x60x75 cm 1Nos 
8 Computer  Operator Chair, revolving, 5 legged MS frame height adjustment, polimurethene seat and back with PU arm set 1Nos 
9 Visitors chair with MS powder coated tubular frame upholstered seat and back with PU arm set 1Nos 
10 Waiting chair, black perforated, MS powder coated seat and back and supported frame with arm (4  seated) 1Nos 
11 Name/Sign Board, Stickers


NB:  The item should be supplied to the Local Bodies which is purchased. The price should be  inclusive of Loading and Unloading Charges  and Transportation charge


Sealed tenders are invited for the supply of Furniture from reputed and Licenced firms subject to the following conditions:

1.    The tenders should be addressed to the Executive Chairman & Director, Information Kerala Mission, Pratheeksha, Pangappara, Thiruvananthapuram-81, in a sealed cover with the tender number and name duly superscribed on the cover.

2.    The tender form can be obtained from the office of the Executive Chairman & Director on payment of Rs.  400 +VAT on or before 12/10/2012 4PM.  The cost of tender forms once paid will not be refunded.  Tenders that are not in the prescribed form are liable to be rejected.

3.    Intending tenderers should send their tender so as to reach Information Kerala Mission, on or before  29/10/2012, 4PM along with Demand Draft for Rs.2000/-drawn in favour of “Executive Chairman & Director, Information Kerala Mission” being EMD.  The tender form submitted without EMD will be rejected.  No tender received after this specified date and time will be accepted on any account.

4.    The tenders will be opened 31/10/2012 at 11 AM at the office of the undersigned in the presence of those tenderers or their nominees who may be present at that time.

5.    The final acceptance of the tenders rests entirely with Information Kerala Mission who does not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.

6.    Information Kerala Mission reserves the right to purchase the articles in part or full and the tenderers on their part should be prepared to carry out such portion of the supplies included in their tenders as may be allotted to them.

7.    The successful tenderer shall also execute an agreement for the due fulfilment of the contract within the period specified in the letter of acceptance.  The contractor shall have to pay all stamp duty.

8.    The EMD of the selected vendor will be kept as security deposit and will be released only after the expiry of Warranty/ Guarantee period.

9.    In case where a successful tenderer, after having made partial supply, fails to fulfil the contracts in full, all or any of the supplies not rendered may at the discretion of the Purchasing Officer be purchased by means of another tender/quotation or by negotiation or from the next higher tenderer who had offered to provide supplies already and the loss, if any, caused to Information Kerala Mission shall thereby together with such sum as may be fixed by Information Kerala Mission towards damages be recovered the proportionate portion of the security deposit based on the cost of the supplies not provided at the rate shown in the tender of the defaulter shall be forfeited and balance alone shall be refunded.

10.    Payment will be arranged within two weeks from the date of receipt of bills after successful delivery and installation of items.

11.    Delivery of items should be arranged within 2 weeks and the items should be supplied at the respective local bodies within Kerala to which it is purchased..

12.    Rate shall be considered on individual item rate basis if the specification of the agency match with the specification demanded by this office and shall  be valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date of opening of quotation,

13.    Furniture supplied should have at least one year or more warranty/guarantee as given by the manufacturer. If the item supplied is found to be defective/inferior quality not matching with the specification the agency should replace the same by new one to match with the specification without any extra charge.

14.    The prices are inclusive of all Taxes,delivery and Transportation charges.

15.    Loading and Unloading charges should be borne by the supplier.

16.    5% of the order value will be withheld as security deposit for 6 months.

17.    The quote must be submitted as per  Annexure 1

Tender Submission:
The tender shall be submitted in sealed cover superscribed with the tender number and name, last date for submission, and the name and address of the firm submitting the tender.  The tender submitted without EMD will be rejected.

The proposal should be addressed to:
                                    The Executive Chairman  & Director
                                    Information Kerala Mission
                                    Pratheeksha, Near Govt.College of Engineering
                                    Pangappara, Trivandrum-81

The cover should be superscribed
                                   Tender No.: IKM/TP/FUR/2012-13/03
                                   Tender for Purchase of Office  Furniture

                                    Last date for submission: 4PM., 29/10/2012

                                    Opening: 11 AM 31/10/2012