Help Desk

A Help Desk System based on VoIP phones is functioning at the IKM head quarters for providing technical support to all queries related to application software deployed in the local bodies and hardware and networking issues that emanate from the local bodies across Kerala. Call tracking and call logging is possible by using this system, which will enable the experts to follow up the call and thus ensuring customer /caller satisfaction. Currently this team provides support during office hours. However it is contemplated to provide round the clock support in the near future.

The call centre of a Voice Over IP enabled system, with provision to connect analog phone and IP phones. All the telephones allotted in the call centre are VoIP telephones with full computer-telephony integration. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is also linked to the telephone system for properly managing the calls.

The “customers” include the staff of local governments and the field personnel of IKM. A bug reporting system can also be implemented in IKM to report bugs/ feature requests to the Software Development and LoBE divisions.


State level Helpdesk

3-tier mechanism of the Help Desk is as follows:

  1. Inbound Call Center - Team for attending calls
  2. Testing Center - Team for testing 
  3. Solution Center - Team providing solutions

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